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Blue Moon Audio in San Diego, California is a high-end home audio company with a primary focus on home stereo sound. Our staff is highly knowledgeable, and always focused on the customer's needs. Our main goal at Blue Moon Audio as it has been for nearly 14 years, is to match the customer with an audio system that exceeds their expectations and respectively suits their budget. By no longer having physical store locations it enables us to make your demo experience more personal by letting us be able to demonstrate our products in your home enviroment with your existing system or creating an entire new system. This allows us to advise better and spend more time with our customers. It is our firm belief that everyone enjoys good music and sound, and we want to assist you with that. 619-613-1318

New  Equipment

 We offer several select brands of new high-end home stereo equipment, such as Grado Headphones and cartridges, Rega turntables and components, Reference 3A speakers, Fyne Audio speakers, and Gold Note Audio Turntables and components, Acoustic Signature, Burmester, Copland, and more. We offer free delivery on most new product purchases, as well as personalized service. 

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