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Welcome to Blue Moon Audio

Blue Moon Audio is a high quality audio store with primary focus on 2 channel stereo sound. We serve San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. Our staff is highly knowledgeable, and always focused on the customers needs. Blue Moon Audio represents some of the most respected names in High-end audio and accessories. Our main goal at Blue Moon audio is to match the customer with an audio system that exceeds their expectations and respectively suits their budget. It is our firm belief that everyone enjoys good music and sound, and we want to assist you with that.

Blue Moon Audio is your Pre-Owned Audio Specialists!

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New and Pre-Owned Equipment


In addition to new equipment, we offer great value in used equipment through our trade in and consignment programs. Come by our store and browse our very latest inventory of trade in and store demo specials! Blue Moon Audio is very selective on the used and consignment inventory that is brought into our store, therefore you can be assured that it has been inspected and tested fully, and the condition will never be less than excellent! There is excellent value in used stereo equipment, and this holds very true for stereo speakers. 

January 2018 - Watch for our new Online Store coming soon.

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